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share chatlogs that will embarrass yourself and your friends here!

i save so many of these i don't know what to do with them, so i'll be posting here periodically.
Malkav: I'm taking a bread
Rajani: i assume you meant break
Rajani: take a loaf off robby youve earned it
Rajani: har har har


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    [2/10/2014 11:37:00 PM] nova ·~°: nova:
    [10:36 PM] nova:
    [10:36 PM] nova: i got issues
    [2/10/2014 11:37:52 PM] Serina: unarmed kills 65
    [2/10/2014 11:37:59 PM] Serina: LOL
    [2/10/2014 11:38:06 PM] nova ·~°: I threw people out of the windows
    [2/10/2014 11:38:11 PM] nova ·~°: after using them as shields
    [2/10/2014 11:38:13 PM] Serina: oh my god james
    [2/10/2014 11:38:15 PM] nova ·~°: I mostly run people down
    [2/10/2014 11:38:26 PM] Serina: therapy is an option
    [2/10/2014 11:38:31 PM] nova ·~°: THIS IS THERAPY
    [2/10/2014 11:38:33 PM] Serina: true
    [2/10/2014 11:38:39 PM] nova ·~°: OTHERWISE I'D DONE EVERYTHING IRL
    [2/10/2014 11:38:42 PM] Serina: OK OK
    [2/10/2014 11:38:44 PM] Serina: CONTINUE
    [2/10/2014 11:38:45 PM] Serina: DONT HURT ME
    [2/10/2014 11:43:58 PM] nova ·~°:
    [2/10/2014 11:43:58 PM] Serina: oh
    [2/10/2014 11:44:11 PM] Serina: my fantasy is to own one of those and beat people with it
    [2/10/2014 11:44:27 PM] Serina: one day someone will break into my apartment
    [2/10/2014 11:44:30 PM] Serina: and try to rob me
    [2/10/2014 11:44:37 PM] Serina: and im going to run out of my room with my penetrator
  • hello. yes, i'd like to immortalize this chatlog here forever. okay, bye.
    [9:05:04 PM] georgia rae: michael's dad tlaking about making moonshine
    [9:05:17 PM] maggie c.: say no to alcohol
    [9:05:21 PM] maggie c.: SUNSHINE OVER MOONSHINE!!!!!!!
    [9:05:26 PM] georgia rae: LMFAO
  • Me and Fred watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2
    Elliott Murtaw or whatever aka Taylor Lautner tells Tom he is an honor student when he interrogates the kid (because he and Sarah are having a thing).

    Fred: We're honor students too
    Yeah we are
    And we want to be doctors
    so much better
  • (12:03:54 AM) misogi:
    (12:04:05 AM) misogi: looks nice is all
    (12:04:12 AM) misogi: costs $49
    (12:04:20 AM) najimi: you look nice
    (12:04:23 AM) misogi: thanks
    (12:04:23 AM) najimi: damn it
    (12:04:25 AM) najimi: I fucked up
    (12:04:26 AM) misogi: I'm not $49
    (12:04:29 AM) misogi: but yeah
    (12:04:30 AM) najimi: are you sure
    (12:04:34 AM) misogi: tyes
    (12:04:35 AM) misogi: yes
    (12:04:37 AM) misogi: add $20
    (12:04:40 AM) ***misogi winks
    (12:04:47 AM) najimi: best I can do is $30
    (12:05:01 AM) misogi: ))<>((
    (12:05:05 AM) najimi: oh god

    I'm actually misogi in this chat and najimi is anshin.
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    [11:23pm] x-Longtail-x: Downward grows the root. Outward grows the skin. Upward grows the shoot. What way blows the wind?
    [11:23pm] veve: im not sure
    [11:23pm] Falconmist: your mom

    falconmist got it
  • (11:03:33 PM) alice: oh did you start watching akame ga kill?
    (11:04:02 PM) cake: yeah
    (11:04:07 PM) cake: I'm on episode 3
    (11:04:08 PM) cake: er
    (11:04:10 PM) cake: finished episode 3
    (11:04:24 PM) alice: theres a chick i think youll like later on
    (11:04:34 PM) alice: i like it
    (11:04:38 PM) alice: i dont LOVE it
    (11:04:48 PM) alice: but its not bad so far
    (11:04:57 PM) alice: john read the manga before the anime came out
    (11:05:13 PM) alice: so when they released the anime he freaked out
    (11:05:18 PM) alice: because he liked the manga alot
    (11:05:24 PM) cake: pics of said chick
    (11:05:39 PM) cake: just pics since I don't want to look her up
    (11:06:57 PM) alice:
    (11:07:32 PM) cake: OH
    (11:07:33 PM) cake: yeah
    (11:07:35 PM) cake: I know of her
    (11:07:36 PM) alice:
    (11:07:37 PM) cake: she's kawaii as fuck
    (11:07:39 PM) cake: and bad as fuck
    (11:07:41 PM) cake: you know me
    (11:07:44 PM) cake: hi5
    (11:07:47 PM) alice: HI5
    (11:07:58 PM) alice: i kno ur potential waifus
    (11:08:22 PM) alice: youre not truely best friends
    (11:08:27 PM) cake: LOL
    (11:08:30 PM) alice: unless you know what kind of girl is their waifu
    (11:08:31 PM) cake: oh god
    (11:08:33 PM) alice: LOL
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    (09:19:57 AM) darky: is it amusing that I think of the word beta and I think of nightly?
    (09:20:10 AM) darky: Oh
    (09:20:11 AM) darky: dude
    (09:20:14 AM) darky: How does it feel
    (09:20:23 AM) darky: Whenever I see road kill I fucking think of you
    (09:20:25 AM) darky: It's hilarious
    (09:21:20 AM) cake: LOL
    (09:21:21 AM) cake: I THOUGHT
    (09:21:25 AM) cake: THAT WAS AN INSULT AT FIRST
    (09:21:29 AM) cake: but then it hit me
    (09:21:50 AM) darky: I can just imagine you being confused as fuck
    (09:21:53 AM) darky: 'Did he just?'
    (09:21:58 AM) darky: 'OH, FUCK'
    (09:22:05 AM) cake: I was like shit he upped his sass
    (09:22:19 AM) darky: I'm slowly turning into you're waifu
    (09:22:23 AM) cake: oh god

    I stayed at his place for a month and whenever we'd go on road trips he'd always see roadkill but I'd always miss it. On the last day I was fortunate enough to see an iguana.
  • najimi:
    rajani: the splash of the drink looks like people
    najimi: whoa it does
    rajani: its cool lmao
    najimi: I'm clearly the artist here
    rajani: ...w-what are those
    najimi: tentacle teacher and bird counselor obviously
    rajani: brb drawing porn of them
    najimi: please do
    rajani: jk im not
    rajani: I LIED
    * najimi cries
    rajani: GWAHAHAHA
  • [8:39:46 PM] georgia rae: there was this aspbergers girl in my art class and people teased her for being fat and shit
    [8:39:54 PM] maggie c.: aww
    [8:40:10 PM] georgia rae: and so i once took a spider and some of its skins it shed and secretly slide it all into the kids hoodie
    [8:40:16 PM] georgia rae: because he'd wear his hoodie a lot
    [8:40:29 PM] georgia rae: and i remember hearing him screaming outside the classroom like the little bitch he was
    [8:40:33 PM] maggie c.: LMFAOOOO
    [8:40:35 PM] georgia rae: that spider died for a good cause
    [8:40:36 PM] maggie c.: THAT IS A TRULY GOOD STORY
    [8:40:45 PM] maggie c.: poor spider though
    [8:40:50 PM | Edited 8:40:54 PM] maggie c.: RIP soldier
    [8:40:54 PM] georgia rae: IT WAS
  • [2:00:50 AM] Erebus: mhm
    [4:06:08 AM] Erebus: Fury: I just knocked something off the desk and i hear georgia wake up and say "what's going on, there's no apple pie" and went back to sleep
    Ferret: who ate the apple pie
    Fury: I said she did but she is insisting she didnt
    Fury: and then she told me "it's not time yet"
    [11:46:12 AM] maggie c.: LMAO typical georgia
    [11:46:31 AM] Erebus: I couldn't stop laughing like what kinda dream
    [11:46:48 AM] maggie c.: lolll yea
    [11:47:34 AM] maggie c.: sometimes robby will be half asleep and hell just start talking incessantly about certain topics like politics and stuff and he has REALLY in depth discussions but he starts like half way through a thought so nothin he says makes sense
    [11:47:57 AM] Erebus: LMfaooo
  • (12:48:04 AM) najimi: I hate apple
    (12:48:09 AM) misogi: have orange
    (12:48:15 AM) ***misogi hands banana
    (12:48:22 AM) najimi: this isn't orange
    (12:48:25 AM) ***najimi throws it on the ground
    (12:48:29 AM) misogi: I sorry
    (12:48:33 AM) misogi: iSorry
  • [9:39:55 PM] maggie c.: they were playing cha cha slide and the power went out in the middle and everyone screamed trying to find harmony in the chaos LMFAO
  • (09:08:57 AM) anshin: Not too shortly, hug
    (09:09:04 AM) anshin: My dad is sleeping
    (09:09:12 AM) anshin: Huh*
    (09:10:32 AM) misogi: *hugs*
    (09:10:48 AM) anshin: Out

    I enjoy fucking with him way too much.
  • [14:43:05] rajani: ...a cobweb just floated past me and i flinched
    [14:43:16] najimi: halloween is near
    [14:43:23] rajani: LOL
  • tumblr_ncvk1wsxRw1sojsjno1_500.jpg
    (12:27:55 AM) nameless: i can't believe i'm getting married
    (12:27:57 AM) nameless: oh wait
    (12:28:00 AM) nameless: IT'S A DRAWING
    (12:28:59 AM) cake: LOL
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    (06:36:32 PM) najimi: me irl
    (06:36:47 PM) misogi: ...
    (06:38:19 PM) najimi: actually me irl
    (06:38:28 PM) misogi: yes
    (06:40:02 PM) najimi: this guy is my spirit animal

  • [23:00:06][HUnewm] I mean if I had a bunch of hdds lying around, and a good ratio on, the shitsink of music, I would collect flac

    [23:01:33][tukat] if i had a million dollars

    [23:02:56][HUnewm] I mean like

    [23:03:06][HUnewm] So you got all this rare shit nobody else likes

    [23:03:16][HUnewm] And you want this rare shit nobody else likes

    [23:03:22][HUnewm] And you keep downloading and seeding

    [23:03:28][tukat] i snogged your mum

    [23:03:44][HUnewm] There's no way to catch up unless you dedicate your life to getting every freeleach

    [23:03:49][HUnewm] leech?

    [23:04:20][HUnewm] lol you snogged her? did you 'ave a shrimp round the barbie too??

    [23:04:43][tukat] im british not australian you dumb americuck

    [23:05:04][HUnewm] you're both on islands and smell bad

    [23:05:25][tukat] australia is a continent...

    [23:05:38][HUnewm] yeah not to america

    [23:05:46][HUnewm] go home, communist

    [23:05:52][tukat] why is everyone so dumb lately

    [23:06:16][HUnewm] why is everyone in america so FREE lately??

  • [7:08:04 AM] maggie c.:
    [7:08:15 AM] maggie c.: different versions of the same drawing of my chaarcter LMAO
    [7:10:18 AM] cake: you look like a jackass
    [7:10:22 AM] cake: also that background
    [7:10:23 AM] maggie c.: LOL
    [7:10:39 AM] maggie c.: yes
    [7:11:07 AM] maggie c.: shes the same person who edited that sloth drawng
    [7:11:14 AM] cake: yes
    [7:11:15 AM] maggie c.: shes an artistic genius as you can ass
    [7:11:17 AM] maggie c.: ..
    [7:11:21 AM] cake: I thought so right after seeing that
    [7:11:21 AM] maggie c.: c-can see*
    [7:11:21 AM] cake: LOL
    [7:11:28 AM] cake: can ass
    [7:11:28 AM] cake: laughing
    [7:11:32 AM] maggie c.: i DONT KNOW HOW
    [7:11:54 AM] maggie c.: im gonna die
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