I wish my old man would have kicked me out

Maybe then I'd actually be doing better for myself.
I feel like the only thing that'll really encourage me to get my shit together is if I get my own place to live.

Everything like bills and expenses are sent to me and all I have to do is organize them in priority like water over internet.
But here at home.
I don't want to be anything in this no-where city.


  • What's your point
  • I also feel stuck where I am, but I just try to remind myself that as long as im pointed in a direction and am given some kind of tool or activity, I will fuck shit up and something will change. I have decided the unwieldy and culturally ignored "art degree". But others get a trade, rob banks, or invest in stocks. The sky is the limit
  • My advice? Just stop making excuses.
    If you can't manage to thrive in a stable environment, what makes you think you'll do any better on your own?

    I know adversity helps us rise to the challenge, but so does mental fortitude.
  • Hm. My two cents here, maybe telling people not to make excuses isn't the most efficient way to convince someone to not make excuses.
    Also a better way of giving advice is to not attack and use words like "mental fortitude" which implies his mentality is weak.
    A better way is to call it resilience, which is something anyone can work on.
    Don't get the wrong idea though I think everyone needs a push but the most efficient and actively productive people gave themselves that push, it's called work ethic, and they don't blame their parents.
  • Hm. My two cents here, maybe telling people not to make excuses isn't the most efficient way to convince someone to not make excuses.
    It wasn't an attack. If it came across as imprudent that was not my aim.
    I think there's a lot of value in contributing the naked truth is all.

    To OP, a change of pace or routine can help remind you what's important and give you the will to work harder. Maybe try changing other aspects of your life?
  • No, it definitely came off as insulting and self-aggrandizing.
    Care to not do that in personal threads like this
  • Malkav wrote:
    No, it definitely came off as insulting and self-aggrandizing.
    Care to not do that in personal threads like this
    There was nothing insulting or self aggrandizing about what I said. It was honest advice coming from a sincere place
  • I'd just like to add that conversations are a two way street, you can't give advice, let it come off the wrong way, then say you weren't responsible for the way your message was interpreted. It takes empathy to provide a message that gets across clearly, with knowledge of what will be received well, and is also honest. Unless you don't give a shit, in which case I suppose we should just receive it as "advice" and can disregard it.
    Naked or "blunt" truth is bullshit most of the time .
  • I immediately replied that it wasn't meant to offend. So clearly I give a shit. I offered advice in the first place. So CLEARLY I give a shit.

    When responding to problems my response is to offer information and advice to help solve the problem, I don't usually speak from a place of emotion. As for empathy, my recommendation came from a personal place.

    FINALLY if my words in any way offended anyone, I apologize that I did not better phrase them, and reiterate once again that my intent was not to ruffle feathers or insult anyone

    Maybe I have low emotional intelligence here, but I don't see anything offensive about what I said.
  • i moved out my house for my own freedom

    i pay $150 for rent bills included

    make a quarter of a thousand a week

    i can drink as much beer as i please for i have no parents to give a single fuck

    youll make it one day
  • diary of a whimpy weaboo
  • Where do you live? That rent is so affordable
  • I live in sacramento california

    Dont doxx me guys lol

    I think i got lucky since i gained the trust of a rich business owner that gets over welmed by all the stores he ownes (x

    yeah that rent is pretty cheap. I assume it's a room you're renting out atm? anyway it's got a nice income ratio.

    it's so fucking hard to find work that actually lets you live on your own in busy cities. I'm in a smaller city right now that's still kind of big but the rent is pretty cheap here compared to back in miami
  • @najimi

    Go up to any bussiness and ask them if they need a sign waver/ sign holder, thats how i started out

    Yea its a shitty job position and embarrasing for some but thats how i got started how i got where im at right now

    Every bussiness is always needing an employee but they you got earn their trust first
  • oh I mean like work that pays enough for rent + everything else. I have a job atm and I have enough but if I were in miami it'd be shit
  • I know some people that live in the bay area and make 45k a year and apparently they are struggling some how paying $1500 for rent Lmao
  • Rent in the bay area is SUPER expensive, if they wanted to leave to live somewhere cheaper they could totally do so but they'd have to leave their jobs.
  • HzDymkpb.png
    The beginning of this thread. I swear to god.
    @Isonyx since you were talking to me and people decided to play my personal feelings I'd like you to forget about what they said and I thank you for your advice.

    @zubat I appreciate your kind words. Sounds like you got a hell of a deal.
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