Mobile Phones.

I hate phones.

I hate phones.

Recently my Nexus 5 that served me faithfully for years died and I'm at a loss of what I should get. I wasn't ever exactly happy with my phone but it allowed me to do a lot of custom shit that a lot of other android phones would have not let me do. It seems in the time since that phone came out and now, phone technology has gotten worse. I'm not even going to talk about the security/privacy bits of the mobile-sphere, that's beyond saving unless you want to cripple yourself using tech from a decade ago. NO. What I'm talking about is the actual technology behind modern devices. Android is literally, LITERALLY garbage as a "real" operating system and iOS is literally a joke. Worse than a joke, its a toy in a glass cabinet that you aren't allowed to open. The early 2000s dream of having a mobile COMPUTER is dead. It grew unhealthy when webOS was sold to LG. It got sicker when Maemo did. When Meego, and Mer failed to launch. It was on life support When Blackberry started losing sales to Crapple and the Cult of Steve Jobs. And with the era of BBX/Early Android devices who were the last bastion of real computing being possible on Mobile gone, its finally dead. Modern OS' where everything is an abstraction upon an abstraction IS SHIT. There's a reason even modern Android devices lag, every app, every program, every daemon on the phone is running in a virtual machine, mind you a FAST virtual machine, a VM that has been optimized and re optimized and optimized against to give you the fastest performance it can but a VM none the less with a run-time that i s built on one of the slowest languages you can use, all this while "compiling" the program's runtime just ahead of use (JIT Compiling). Although if I'm going to be level, ART is alot better than dalvik. iOS at least has the decency of run its programs on bare metal but you trade this for the ability to do anything at all, and from what I've seen /used iOS has issues with updating whatever its displaying almost as if it doesn't know it should be polling for new information without user input. Despite having powerful SOCs most of these OS do not let you interface with the hardware like you can on a normal computer. And the hardware itself is garbage. The "slate" form factor we has limits what you can do with a phone. Lets face it. Touch input (while useful) SUCKS. There's only so much you can do with it. Touch typing is god awful and as testament we keep making smarter and smarter keyboards to "predict" how shit we are at typing with it and then turn around and say its proof that its works. HA. Oh and lets just take the ability for people to have expandable storage so they can rely on shit ass cloud services and further clog are SHITTY AS FUCK telco infrastructure all while the companies who own them charge a premium for having data pass through their lines. THAT SOUNDS REAL DAMN GOOD. No more removable batteries, locked bootloaders, Lets just take away all the features that let consumers empower themselves.

I didn't intend to this to be a rant more like a discussion of current mobile phone market, and a place for people who care to talk about this kind of thing but it became a rant anyway and I don't mind that it idid. Anyway, I'm not sure what phone I'm gonna get, the Moto Z play looks bearable because of its modularity and that it has all the features a phone should have at a bare minimum.


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    The early 2000s dream of having a mobile COMPUTER is dead.
    android and iOS have a generation of people hoping their devices have critical security flaws so that we can actually have some control over the devices we buy and pay for.

    it kills me that google, whose stupid motto is "dont be evil", didnt make their code copyleft and force all these phone companies to release their modifications for anyone to build and edit. you know google saw this outcome coming, they are not this incompetent. i assume it was fear they wouldnt be successful but idk and i dont necessarily feel that justifies it. android took off to exactly the kind of crowd that would have eaten this shit up and haughtily waved it in the face of iphone users even if they didnt really understand why it was important.
    iOS has issues with updating whatever its displaying almost as if it doesn't know it should be polling for new information without user input
    if im not mistaken, apple actually told people to use a screenshot of their app as the splash screen so people couldnt see how long the apps took to start lmao
    Modern OS' where everything is an abstraction upon an abstraction IS SHIT
    the worst part is these arent hard problems, they are often even solved problems, but try bringing anything to market thats actually quality and youll be stifled by any of the major players who dominate right now. no one wants us to have this because its a threat to them. google is complicit in this. its not even conspiracy-tier its just basic self-interest because markets. capitalism doesnt have you optimize for the best possible product, it has you optimize to be slightly better than the competition. if you do too much work trying to be better, the competition will seize the opportunity to eat your lunch, so you have to do as little as possible to remain directly competitive
    Android is literally, LITERALLY garbage as a "real" operating system and iOS is literally a joke. Worse than a joke, its a toy in a glass cabinet that you aren't allowed to open.
    are there even reasons android is less of a toy other than aosp? like idk all that much about either, but the state of affairs seems to be pretty much that iOS is proprietary shit and android is proprietary shit with aosp thrown in to make possible the Sisyphean task, aka forever abused labor of thousands of people who are not even getting paid for this, of repeatedly break all these separate phones over and over again, if were able to find exploits for them that should, in a sane world, indicate that something has gone very seriously wrong and our personal data is compromised. theres a doctorow quote where he likens personal data to nuclear fallout-- you cannot undo releasing it into the world and the consequences of it are catastrophic. your phone is a gateway to everything personal about you-- facebook, email, the login to every account youve ever had, banking and financial history, literally everywhere you travel, and were sitting here hoping they have vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious actor to ruin our fucking lives, so that we can have some shitty vague semblance of meaningful freedom and control over the devices that are so integral to our lives
  • i read it all and while a lot of the technical jargon goes over my head, i do enjoy reading a nice long rant!

    I personally dislike phones. This is less because of processing speed, security, or any tech reason; but simply on how it affects my life.
    If I were to have a simple flip phone I would dedicate a whole lot less time to YouTube videos that literally are useless time sinks (even the informational ones). Texting would be reserved to people who care enough about me to get my number. Mobile games which typically lack in quality and end up being in a timesink wouldn't tempt me. Phone bill would be dirt cheap. So many positives!

    I had YouTube uninstalled for about a month and I was kinda more productive, but alas it's back on my phone because often I have to use the unoptimized browser version to go, "HEY WAIT I HAVE A FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEO ID LIKE TO SHOW YOU! AHAHAH" aaand now I'm back to watching YouTube videos for two hours before I go to bed.


    Also, another complaint:
    The ol' adage, a washing machine that can do a billion things but sucks at washing is a crappy washing machine (something like that) rings true here. My phone can do so many things, but when I want to call someone... "Excuse me, I didn't catch that? What did you say? Uh... again? Oh!" Whenever I straight up call someone (either by the device phone app or a 3rd party app) the audio (and recording!) quality sucks. I mean I don't know the technicality of it all but couldn't they at least put better recording software inside? Everything sounds like it's being put through a digital meat grinder.

    So I guess those are my gripes: I don't mind the social stigma an awful amount (50 strangers in a lecture hall, 50 people on their phones; no conversations etc), but my lack of self control and the addictive substance in constant reach is my reason for disdain. ):
  • All I want is a phone with FOSS technology out of the tampering hands of an insidious company, but I can't feasibly see this in the future, not just because Google, Microsoft, and Apple have a strangle-hold on the market, but because phone users are too sheepish to care in general.
  • I'm satisfied with just using my phone for calls and messages, mobile computers never quite appealed to me because of the aforementionned reasons and because I loath typing on a touchscreen.
    Having a portable computer I don't have much to complain about.
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