Post Your Pics (2017)

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How y'all looking like in 2017

I still got the appearance of a teen .-.

Here's a fresh Gaia meme xD



  • i'd take a picture but then i'd have to email the photo to myself, save it on my computer, then upload it to photobucket, then find out how to embed the photobucket link into an image. i hope that incredibly unoptimized way of transferring data offends someone.

    i'm lookin' p swell though no fresh gaia memes on my end
  • i look the same as last year except slightly more tired
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  • Here you can see my most up to date photo
  • @ PengypopX

    That wasnt me on my vieeo it was a paid actor, either way wearing a mask hides your identity so muhuhuahahah
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