Gaia 2017 still inflated af

Now you can buy 6trillion gold for $ 16

remember when gaia used to be fun to hang out in rally? lol

zomg is still down and they are running out items to release because they have recolored every fucking item you can think of

And now there was an announcement where people would be able to change their username to have symbols for a high amount of gaia cash ):


  • I dont think zomg will ever come back. It was fun while it lasted. Yeah the market will always be shit, so I guess just invest in special items and get money that way
  • edited January 26
    they're milking it until it's no longer profitable. they got bought off years ago so most of the original team is gone anyway
  • yea fuck u lanzer
  • Lanzer wasn't even his real name was it?
    I think he sold off the rights to the alias to the jew in charge and did a publicity stunt to make it look like Lanzer was going to be improving things.

    Was that before or after we started getting daily chance prizes?
    I can't stand to be on it for more like 5 minutes a day so I can't remember.
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