Favorite Chips

What is your favorite chip? Chips operationalized as thin slices of some sort of fried/baked/cooked piece of "snack" usually salty, packaged in a bag. NOT the english version of chips, aka fries.

Mine is probably Pringles, either Pizza or Sour cream flavor


  • i dont care much for potato chips, but i love tortilla chips, especially the blue corn ones. if i had to pick favourite potato chips it would be the plain or sour cream ruffles paired with onion dip.
  • Cheetos but I never eat it because of the side effects.
  • I hate chips.
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    Kettle cooked chips are my favorite by Cape Cod specifically. Other than that I like Doritos sometimes and tortilla chips are amazing with cheese.
  • Oh if Tortilla Chips count then those, also with cheese dip.
  • cheese and sour cream
  • I don't like lays chips but the chicken flavored ones are good. I feel like lays are shit once you've had cape cod. even lays kettle cooked sucks in comparison
  • Okay I have no idea what any of that meant
  • #justthecapitalistthings
  • Had vinegar and salt chips. Pretty gross... but then you keep eating the whole bag.
  • LOL fucking same i feel you.....
    also i ate all my pringles sour cream and onion chips so i bought my second tube
  • How do you guys feel if i make a thread for Favorite Cake Flavor
  • Like a 3rd wheel.
  • @trufflekeys
    i'd read it and not reply because i'm too shy like this one
  • pengyyyyyyy what kind of chips do you likeeeeee
  • @trufflekeys
    I mean I've thought about this for 9 days and I still don't have a solidified answer
    When the dust settles down and I have quiet time my consciousness will flicker and whoa
    "what's my FAVORITE"

    that is a lifelong goal i pursue
    one day I will find the answer

    until then im kinda subject to whatever random cravings (if any nowadays) that I have
    salt and vinegar, jalepeno, ruffles cheez, doritees cool ranch, etc etc
    pretty much they're all just salt and fried potatoes (except doritees, those are corn)
    sometimes my body really wants salt and fried potatoes (or corn)
  • damn son you thinking deep about this
    I have to add to my answer, my other favorite is sweet potato and beets chips, terra brand
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    These are the best chips in my opinion, they are only sold in Mexico and are super rare to find in the us.

    I buy a whole variety of them when I take trips to mexico

    Idk why they wont get released on the u.s. along with over 20 different types of chips that's Mexico sells on their marketplace x_x

    If you had every tasted these they take so delicious
  • Jalapeno Chips, the kettle corn kind
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