Sleep paralysis

Who else suffers from this shit

I got truth a sleep paralysis at least once a month and it's ducking scary af

That's your I sleep with my light on all the time loooool )x


  • I've only had sleep paralysis three times before, it stopped once I began to sleep on my side so I kept doing it.
  • i suffer from chronic sleep paralysis and my earliest memory of it was around age 7. i do find it occurs more when i sleep on my chest than on my back but i cant break the habit. sleep paralysis for me is usually paired with strong hallucinations/delusions called night terrors and ive also read that lucid dreaming can worsen it due to improper sleep during the REM stages. but i usually have lucid dreams too and i dont know how to stop this either, its always unintentional.
  • actually, i was prescribed medicine for my intense dreams before, it didnt work for me but its something you might look into if it becomes too much of an issue.
  • I get chronic sleep paralysis pretty often too, happens to me when I don't get more than six hours of sleep for two or three days in a row.
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    Yeah me too. Last year I often thought I was having an heart attack because some meds I had to take messed up by blood pressuse and I had crazy heart issues. I tried to yell for help but couldn't. Then I "wake" up and don't even remember if it happened but usually I remember me breathing heavily. I often get them when I sleep on my back.
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    the most disturbing thing about sleep paralysis to me is that i think that form of dreaming is starting to happen to me while im supposed to be awake now too? i dont know how to explain this. once i thought i was looking at my sisters cat but then he morphed into a towel i had hanging on the back of my door and i realized my eyes were fully open the whole time.

    ive had sleep paralysis paired with delusions so strong that i believed i was in a different part of the world, and when i woke up i was like... how did i get back in arizona?? i wasnt supposed to be here? and ummm.. ive also forgotten my name/age for a few hours upon waking sometimes with intense lucid dreams. yea! trying to rebuild reality after an experience like that multiple times a week is fun stuff..

  • OH I wanted to add something: when i have sleep paralysis it feels like my eyes are being pried open and I am being forced to look at some ghost or some shit, and when I try to shut them there's still someone/something there. When I do close them it feels like something is trying to dare me to look.
    Feelings i get during sleep paralysis: paranoia of something directly ahead, and hwen i do open my eyes, feeling like a figure is being created from some random object in front of me, I hear words being whispered into my ears and my heartbeat becomes a booming sound that I mistake for speech or footsteps.
  • SAME EXACT FOR ME the paranoia makes it worse because even if you dont immediately see anything, you cant look away and it WILL form
  • Dreams, huh?

    I've got dreams.

    I suffered sleep paralysis once, but not in a usual way. I had a haunting dream about dolls. I knew what sleep paralysis was; i half-lucid dream regularly, and when the dream gets to be too much to handle i wake myself up. I normally sleep on my side, but i must've turned over and slept on my back that night. So when i did wake up my body feeling super heavy.

    I gathered myself, and started to move slowly. Then i took one step away from my bed and started falling forward. I almost broke my leg like a twig at my knee. Over extended it. It was not fun.
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    So weirdly, I was just reading a book called Wrestling With Ghosts in which a nuerocognitive researcher proposes using the lucidity of sleep paralysis to reshape the hallucinations to be positive!

    (think, being unable to move, paralyzed....face to face with the cutest bunny you've ever seen nibblin on some lettuce) i'll post about his methodology once I finish, might help some chronic SP sufferers
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