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Do not get tricked into watching The OA holyshit I'm so mad.
-10/10 fuck off all the tumblrs who gave this a masterpiece/10 when it was released.


  • What's the OA?
  • It's a Netflix show for the record. So now I don't trust Netflix produced shows anymore either.
  • Netflix has produced a lot of quality shows though. Young Justice, Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, The Get Down.. All amazin.
  • Is netflix run by aliens?

    From the future?

    I started watching Travelers (netflix original) and the show is great and enjoyable but the writing is shaky as hell. I'm pretty sure there are already a ton of plot holes in the first season because the show is about time travel. It has a Dollhouse vibe which is cool.
  • I started watching a few mins of Sense 8 and I didn't like the intro but I'm gonna try it again later
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    Vikings is so good, it's the only show I know that keeps getting better. This scene was great (spoilers, although it's kind of history).
    This gave me chills because the show is mostly realistic and doesn't touch magic or mythology it only flirts with magical realism like a handful of times. Making this more like an adapation of the Sagas rather than just being losely based on (vague) history.
  • Travelers has shit writing and it needs to crawl back into the shithole it was written from
  • why didnt you like the OA @shampoo?? ive never seen it but ive heard good things about it
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    I'd have to spoil the show but there don't seem to be any spoiler tags anymore here. Let's just say the last episode feels like a gigantic slap in the face and waste of time. The lead actress is also the creator and it's such an obvious teenager power fantasy with some forced ass drama to make her feel important.
  • bbcode spoiler tags should work theyre just not listed and they dont work in the post preview which is irksome. also thats weird lol.
  • @Shampoo @magpie
    the button bar isn't compatible with this version of the software or something like that. it sucks

    just finished stranger things. I had no idea what it'd be about going in and I think that helped the tone of the show a lot. I liked where it went
    but the effects were kinda cheesy. suffered from having to show the monster
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    Yes felt the same. The music was the best about it and maybe the vibe you got from this kid's adventure which I haven't seen in years, and maybe it's actually one of the best I've seen (not a fan of Goonies).
  • Also Sherlock is airing again, didn't like the first episode so much but the second was great.
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