Christmas Thread

Talk about Christmas stuff, funny stories, cool gift ideas you got for people, the best or funniest gift you've ever gotten!
Or maybe if you still believe in Santa and have convincing reasons as to why...

Well as long as it's related to Christmas it's welcome here! Zerozaki cheer! Rhymes! Woo!

And to the start the thread off!
Here's a gift I know that special someone has been waiting for. ;)
@najimi -hugs-

My sister's ex once got ten pounds of pancake mix. That's it. Everyone else got normal presents.

Thinkin' way back when... why when I was 8 I got flame retardant pajama pants, why I did feel quite safe in those!
Isn't it crazy the inverse relationship of the want of socks depending on age? When we are young we hate them and gladly lose them, yet when we're old we only seem to have two pairs and no one gives us any!


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    It's the time of the year where I look forward to christmas depression because it makes me feel better. /edge
  • unrequited hugs and christmas depression

    a well rounded plate for my 2017 year
    greetings from february
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    For christmas i just want a lot of fucking food, like let me buy whatever the hell take out I want and a lot of it for my 25 days of christmas you know???
    Best christmas gift I got was these fly watches from my bf and his family, they know what i want
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