Porcelain lounge.

Hey everyone, this is an experimental new thread. There's one rule following the general rules you must abide by.

You're only allowed to post here while you're pooping.

We all poop. It's ok. It's a natural process. Do not post here unless you are pooping.

You're allowed to talk about whatever might be on your mind, just follow that one rule.


  • No girls allowed
  • Wait girls can join too don't be exclusive
  • So anyways I'm using today's poopportunity to tell you all to read Yotsuba.
  • Wut that? I haven't read anything in awhile. ):
  • I can finally post in here safely.

    @Nameless it's a cute manga about a girl. Yotsuba is 4chan's mascot as well.

    I'd like everyone to know that I had to sneak in a plunger to work to fix the bathroom at our warehouse without my boss knowing. The true pains of shitty porcelain lounges.
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    i kept missing the opportunity to post cause ive been mildly sick but NOT THIS TIME
    for the last time @yujunkdata GIRLS POOP TOO
    cis-dudes will never know the sheer terror and wonder of a period poop
    im wiping now bye
  • No they don't. They only do it once during birth, in order to pass teaching of poop tech to their offspring, by covering them in their fecal matter while the pushing process is occuring.

    Also brethering I come with great news, I hereby confirm that I have transcended humanity and vanquished the weakness that is fatigue, I no longer feel it, I've been operating fully for three days whithout any drawbacks, the only worrying thing being that I heavely injured my eyes in the process since I haven't rested them for a long time now and they're very injected with blood.
  • I'm back on my throne.

    For context about the plunger thing:
    I clogged the toilet at the warehouse because I used too much toilet paper. My boss and co-workers had already told me not to use toilet paper at the store bathroom (not the warehouse) so I really didn't want them to notice at the warehouse.

    We only go there about twice a week unless I have to drive there alone for something. It was clogged for about a week or more. I kept desperately trying to flush it but it'd never go down properly so I knew I needed a weapon.

    Whenever my co-worker tried using the bathroom at the warehouse I'd always leave the other bathroom door open to use the power of suggestion and get him to use that one instead of the clogged one. It worked every single time. I got so lucky.

    Today I finally had the chance to go by myself to the warehouse. I drove home quickly, grabbed my weapon, and headed to the dungeon. When I got there I knew I'd have to sneak it in through the loading bay so that the security camera wouldn't show me walking in with a plunger. So I did, fixed the issue, and then decided to donate my plunger to the warehouse in case of future emergencies.

    I'll be releasing my next novel this month.

    @YuJunkData: How can you say you love her if you won't even eat her poop?
  • I'm impressed @najimi. Not of your heroic stealth but of you generosity. Bravo.

    I understand your pain though. I clog often because waste is gross
  • @yujunkdata poop fatigue? I can't imagine the horror.

  • I know you people poop.
  • how long do y'all usually spend in the bathroom. let's get intimate
  • I usually only poop only once every two or three days, then it only lasts for about a minute or two but the main issue is that I immensely dislike going to the toilet with nothing to do, and I get incredibly frustrated because I can't focus my mind on something, so I bring my PC with me, which then can take a while because the toilet seat is super optimal for concentrating on stuff.
    For some reason I also cry when I poop.
  • I go once a day! It's important to poop!
  • i havent pooped since december 2nd wow!

    jk ive just been forgetting to bring my phone with me. i usually sit in the bathroom for around 10 minutes or until my legs go numb but ive fallen asleep on the toilet more than once (usually when im sick). i usually poop every other day, my moms friend who is a homeopathic doctor told me im supposed to be pooping twice a day but i just dont see that happening.
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