pro tip not to hack religious people on gaia

It was a normal day phishing on gaia with a flp that still gets some people

I got a hold of a user's account that had 600b gold and had a whole bunch of "God is good, heaven, stay virgin for life, join me" kind of shit on her profile

And as a troll/somewhat programmer, I went ahead and changed all her profile images into demonic shit, with devil pictures, dick pix and swakistas and a couple other disturbing shit that was just hilarious

Also in her pms she was talking to several people and trying to help them with God and stuff, so I went ahead and pm'd every on her friend list to look at her profile XDDF

Surely enough a week and a half after the account got banned and I had already sold the 600b to a random ass noob for 25 cents in bitcoin currency and the account got banned

And this whole story was made up and your an idiot if you are still reading this story to see if it has a good ending loooooool

Heyy I'm a pretty good writer xD


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    long live cclown, messiah of zerozaki
  • holy shit I was cclown'd once again. this was a good story I'd read the novel
  • So, there I was minding my own business, and this guy (smelling of catnip, I am familiar with the smell, to say the least... that special shampoo was all the rage for higher class people in these parts) jumps at me out of nowhere and starts trolling... you know, "your mom this..." "last night that...", so I decided that I'd test his limit.

    I knew what he wanted from me, and until that point I had done a decent job of maintaining composure (I'm well-suited to not take shit personally from people who know nothing about me, you see). About 30 seconds in, he was beginning to grit his teeth as I laughed off troll after troll, so in an attempt to seal the coffin, I said, "I see that you are in fact emotionally investing youself in an attempt to get me to hate you. Well, if you are so keen on evoking hatred from me... if you are so evil, then jump and rape the next THING that comes through that alley! Make it gory, too, if you wish. I'll leave and call the police on you, but regardless I pledge that I'll still hate you on behalf of whatever unfortunate soul may come by... and even if I don't, they will..." He calmly replied that the police would not be an issue for him. Immediately after saying that, we heard a sound within the alley I had indicated. He jumped through laughing his head off... apparently, he was about to see my dare through to spite me...

    I was surprised at his readiness for multiple reasons, since I had merely intended to trap him with my dare and expected him to admit defeat and leave. One concern you would think would have come to mind for him was the possibility that the passer-by would be a man, thus making his actions homosexual, not an ideal outcome for him, surely. Another was that if it were a woman, chances are she would have STD's, so he'd be screwed in his own special way (okay, bad pun, sorry). Third was I never specified a person, only a "thing", meaning the next rat, next dog with rabies, next cat... though, on second thought, a cat is fine, too.... but in any case, disease or severe bestiality would have to ensue, and that might not go well for him either...

    How fortunate that it happened to be a fake story.
  • long live cclown, messiah of zerozaki
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