your celebrity family

im building one, are you?

my wholesome and relatable father who works hard to keep this family together:
barack obama

my awkward used-to-be-hip mom who gives me sex advice in front of my friends:
jennifer coolidge

my cute grandpa who cries at the beauty of life every day (protect him at ALL costs):
david attenborough

my older sister who gives me really useful boy advice:
britney spears


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    (bonus) my younger sister who plays pretend with me in pictochat:
    paris hilton
  • my lovely mom who is relatable and caring
    griffin mcelroy

    my amazing dad who always encourages me to do my best, i will, one day, sing my abd's.
    big bird

    my loving husband
    park jimin

    my cool grandpa (i get my eyebrows from him)
    wayne gates

    my awesome grandma who showers me in hygiene products
    helen mirren

    i love my brothers:
    the really funny offensive brother that don't take shit
    joji miller

    he dyed his hair too many times and smokes with the goth kids at my high school, though he graduated 6 years ago
    gerard way
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    Walter White (Bryan Cranston)
    My dad. Hasn't ever told me shit and probably could be selling meth and I really wouldn't care.

    Only clever one I could think of. I'll totally make more once some sweet moments of serendipity bless me in my sleep or while I'm walking or while I'm showering or while I'm typing long lists of "or while" and stuff.

    I should probably just use a for loop after all
  • my beautiful father. the gayest man I've ever met (in both senses of the word). he's also secretly depressed but doesn't want dad #2 to know
    john barrowman

    dad #2 or as my siblings call him "dad with the two Ds". usually really quiet until he gets violent and breaks things in our house. one time he lashed out at the cleaning lady for leaving a cup tilted on the drying rack. they call him dad with the two Ds because he's so narrow minded he can only see the world in 2D
    ryan gosling in drive

    my older sister. she got in trouble at school once for telling the teacher her hips ate her homework. she used to be a goth kid in high school. pic below of her high school days
    shakira as herself

    my younger brother. he always talks real low like he's just talking to himself and not you. he's usually watching movies by himself on saturday nights. he gets it from dad #2 but I've never see him be angry
    rami malek as elliot

    my weird cousin who always gets deep when we talk. he recently told me he got a girl pregnant. he's ecstatic but worried
    donald glover

    the coolest uncle I have. he makes video games. he always tweets about where he's at and what he's doing. they tried to put him down but he's just unstoppable
  • yall kill me
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    dropping back in to announce my new grandmother <3 <3 <3
    christina hoff sommers aka factfem
  • Okay, it's my turn.
  • @Nameless please post I'd love to see
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