art is gwyn


i have no control over my life


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    no one knows but i'm actually in an endless loop of owing my 2 friends art because they constantly buy me things

    wips for them:

    stupid fluffy dog:

    a green dog:

    a bird i made way too dark (my screen brightness was too high):
    his name is uacht but i just call him edgelord cause look at him.

  • gosh ur art has become so much prettier how is that possible? it looks professional level no lie. the way you frame your paintings is perfect i am so proud of how far you have come wahhh!!!
    i told you this already but the little pose type stuff you do would be perfect for selling as stickers, id love to see some birdy ones from you. your art would look good on shirts too if you started drawing like a hundred times bigger (drawing large is intimidating tho i kind o f hate it lol)
  • edgelord lmfao I love him
    Also so flfufuffyyy
  • thank u maggie @Janu i will have to draw bird stickers i promised lizard ones already
    i don't think i'd like drawing t-shirts very much but i'd survive if i had to

    also im so glad u like edgelord @trufflekeys i work super hard on my dumb stryx
  • i dont blame u but it WOULD look good on t-shirts im jussayin
  • all i do is draw and complain about drawing
    floating dog facing the wrong way #26
    if you havent noticed i love drawing paws
    advent_10_by_diseasedking-dar9nh5.png a bird i drew for a draw to adopt and lost anyways (rip my baby)
    i hate this i want my suffering to be over
  • cool cool my spoilers broke but i dont want to fix them leave me alone
  • nic_cute_by_diseasedking-daryyrh.png
    when im stressed i doodle for friends and these come out
  • life's been ass this week so bird doodles i guess

    "sekret" sketches for a thing (they're african penguins)
  • THOSE PENGUINS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!! they all are. i love fluffy christmas stryx.
  • thank you so much @magpie

    my friend made me this really cool character and i love him, but he doesn't have a name so this is slick noodle.png
  • holy shit that colouring *____________*
  • THANK YOU! i made another

  • if you do everything in the style of the second image youll be set for life js
  • thank u so much maggie that style is my truue self showing through but i cannot allow myself to rise above everyone else like that so alas i will continue in this small-bodied amateur style i have been faking since birth

    chatlands commissions are weird


    i sketch more than i breathe
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