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  • i love ur moon cat and christmas earth dog
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    ty krista <33333

    a doodle i did of myself because i feel like a waterfall today
  • @Janu: WOW CUTE, also cute style
  • nazoraeru_by_felluna-dauwthv.png

    pathways_by_felluna-dauwtho.png reflection_by_felluna-dauwthm.png

    personal art for a game ive been playing, a wolf named nazoraeru. the first one has no special meaning behind it, i just enjoy zen concepts and wanted to loosely incorporate them. the others are profile headers to designate sections. heres how she looks in game:

    i could probably give all my characters normal names, but i never do and they always end up with concepts im attached to as names. i know ill eventually sell her but right now im having fun.

    personal art, titled "glossolalia" after the phenomenon of speaking in a language that means nothing

    a kirin/dragon forest spirit inspired by one of my favourite people

    and finally, @nameless im atting you i think you need to see this thing i drew yesterday
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    YOOOO NICE BUNNY also I already said this on Twitter but I love that scenery
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    @Janu I seent it. I was thinking about getting a new freaking phone case immediately but decided TWO was enough for now. (I have a rad case featuring opal from SU.)
    (it's actually super cool)

    (and so is that bun )
  • I didn't notice the patreon
  • it is empty atm... i should really try to give it another go
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