Cosmetic Changes

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You've seem to have wondered into a strange room where you notice you can change any physical asset of yours outside of your squishy pink insides.

What changes do you make if any at all?


  • A room where you can only make changes to your skin?
    I think this is a riddle for a tattoo parlor.

    Maybe I'll get a cute little smiley face on my back or something.
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    Outside of your squishy pink insides references you cannot edit or remove or implant another heart or spleen.

    My hair would be incandescent and to my shoulder blades, colorless hollow eyes, hueless grey skin, ink spiraling down my body with tribal like symbols starting at my throat and ending at my right big toe. Androgynous figure in general, set with a few rings on the fingers.
  • Turn my eyes blue, and get a Symbol of Balance tattoo on my left arm, and the Symbol of Torment on my right arm.
  • I'd like to look like an elf
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