I have assimilated myself into YouTube culture and have now mastered the art of clickbait-y titles!
Jokes aside, I notice this community has a lot of people with cool names that truly stretch the limits of hard vowel... soft vowel... consonant... sounds... stuff.

They sound cool!

So like, everyone! What is the story behind your name?
I guess today I was watching some Vampire Let's Play briefly and well oh well look Malkavians.

Anyway, I will start things off by saying I played a lot of Disgaea 2 as a kid and there were a lot of cute little prinny doods.
Prinnies for reference look like this:

So as a kid all my brothers had cool schlack usernames. What!? Krumpage! Joplick!? Those are unique usernames, I want one of my own, I will find it someday.

So I guess Pengypop kind of just came up, I named my original lil' prinny dood Pengypop.
There are rank ups in Disgaea and from there I changed the name of my valiant little prinny to (it gets a bit hazy here)
Orange Prinny: Sunnypop
Purple Prinny: Sodapop
Mustard Prinny:... uh... Atomicpop?
Red Prinny: I don't even remember now, I'm sure they were good...



Well the X actually has a long history behind it involving broken PSN accounts and like 4 years to develop to make it true and tested, but just know it is the ultimate life form cuz adding X to anything makes it better.
Except chromosomes, I hate hatin' on anyone, we all good.

So uh... if you feel like posting anything about your name here's the place.


  • I Take out The Trash, I am a Boy, I also do all the weeds
  • xJikzwP.gif

    Prinnies are cool.

    I'm usually very disatisfied with my usernames so I tend to change them a lot, although a few ones tend to stick for some years until I get fed up with them too.

    I think my earliest one was Nova, because I just liked how it sounded at the time, it's also in reference to Batallion Wars, a 3D spiritual sequel of Advance Wars, which I both really like.
    Eventually, I changed it to Zero, which is the one that stuck with me the longest, it was short, it sounded good, and it had thematic meaning.
    Zero progressively turned into Tenshi no Zero, then just Tenshi, which is a name some people still use when referring to me.
    Among a few french folks I also had the nickname of "Toumou", because it sounds like Touhou if you don't know how to pronounce it, but it's also a contracted porte-manteau of "tout mou", which means "all soft."

    For a short time I used the nickname ChubbyWolf, because it was the nickname of the late girlfriend of an artist I liked, and I thought it was cute.

    I also used the nickname Risaia-Ituriel, Risaia is just a name I like that I had discovered in an item description in Demon's Souls, Ituriel is one of the characters I made.

    There's also a few nicknames I use every now and then whenever I feel like it, such as LuciferAlpha, in reference to Snatcher, one of my favorite games, Jun Seba, because Nujabes, or AsteroidGodRage, which is just a frankensteined nickname that was created by randomly mashing words together in a fighting game profile card where you can make up your own titles.

    Otherwise, most of the time I just use the name of albums I like, such as Tera Melos, or names of videogame characters I like, such as Vinland.

    Namachuw was my twitter name for a short while, in reference to the credits of Rondo of Blood where the devs used pseudonymes instead of their real name, but then I realised it was silly.

    Nowadays I'm mostly known has Yuhnsu, or Yu, -which is just something I randomly came up with- and Madeline Woof.
    Madeline being the name of an OC I really like a lot, Woof is both in reference to the artist and to the fact that I love dogs.

    There's probably a lot more but these are the one I remembered.
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    janu/jaanu is a term of endearment in hindi as well as various southeast asian languages meaning "my love, my heart," or "my entire world." i discovered the word on my own while mashing together words and letters for fun, i discover a stupid amount of words this way.

    more background on my username, though it gets a bit personal:
    i picked the name after i had coined the word indrid, which i had my heart set on but the concept taken away from me when i believed a cat spirit was possessing my body. indrid is also apparently associated on the net with a "cryptid" known by the name of indrid cold, or the smiling man who appears to sufferers sleep paralysis and night terrors, and i hate that association so the word is dead to me.

    when my boyfriend found out that i believed i had a cat in my body, he was reasonably concerned for my mental health so i promised i wouldn't use it. i dont think this is entirrely in line with dissociative identity disorder, but my sister is diagnosed with DID so it makes sense that i would show signs of it as well, i look at it a little differently than most practitioners of modern medicine though.

    it took me awhile to come to terms with my state, but i realized i couldnt suppress this part of myself and instead needed to embrace it. when i discovered that janu was a term people use for their sweethearts, it clicked. if indrid was my schizophrenic traits, i wanted to make peace with her, so i nicknamed her janu instead to avoid using the name indrid ever again. i use the name for myself because its a gentle reminder to love myself (my WHOLE self, along with my negative symptoms) and treat myself as my own sweetheart and entire world. it's a good message.
    my previous username, rajani, was hindi for "dark one" and also a shared pseudonym for the goddess kali/durga and was the name i used for several of my OCs therefore came to be known with me. i picked it mainly because it sounded good and hindi is an appealing language to me.

    other names ive used in the past include veve, which turned out to be a term for certain types of sigils used in voodooism that represent their patron saints, ukkyauiba, which is just 'illusions' typed on a qwerty keyboard with keys to the left of each letter but other than that has no etymology or meaning, nimravid, an extinct family of false saber-tooth cats i became obsessed with learning about a couple years ago, malgana, which turned out to be an australian aboriginal language, chiropterophily, the process of pollination through bats, and penanggalan, a malaysian vampire that is only a head followed by a string of entrails. delightful.
  • the no mercy warrior, one of my first aliases. straight from deviantart and a strong fascination with Mugen.

    hasao akira from back when I was wrapped up in .hack//G.U.

    somewhere along the line I started becoming more interested with bombs and shit. i got gmod and downloaded a modpack that let me bust off a couple awesome looking boomers and became BigBomb for a while.

    for a couple years I just chilled for a while until I got bored of bigbomb and asked people for a new name.
    it became Mackerel for a long time until the vaporwave meme kind of settled down with me and it became an appropriate appreciation of time and atmosphere around me.

    although it was rushed, I grew on it rapidly and it's become an example for me to remember that time does a lot more things than just heal.
  • Mine is pretty self explanatory.
  • @Janu interesting that you didn't bring up the god of beginnings/paths for ur name, you should read this it's really cool
  • Mine is easy, truffles like the mushroom and keys like piano keys........
  • @trufflekeys oh yea i totally forgot about that, it has anus in it tho. everything relating to my birthday does.
  • Jatzt is literally a pun in itself. A mixture of "Yatzy" and the German word "Jetzt". It's pronounced similarly to Yatzy as well. The name just sort of stuck with me, and I've also incorporated "yatzyjatzt" into handles as well.
  • i got into dark souls and artorias was cool but artorias was taken on some sites so i went with artoria and that kinda stuck a bit
    that's literally it
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    I met @Najimi through Gaia, and went through millions of usernames because Gaia is lame af. Later he asked me to join the first instance of zerozaku, and i said ok, going by Nameless. I felt estranged by the new community and didn't really connect. More time went by and he asked me to rejoin, among other things, stating that everything about zz had changed. This community had became smaller and i felt more freedom to be myself with such a smaller group. The first time i felt as though i had to prove something about myself. The only thing i really have going for me is my 3d art, so i posted a few models on zaku, but i wasn't proud of them. They're not spectacular and never will be. Now everything is way more relaxed and I'll post a dumb model i made in 2 hours without fear of criticism.

    I go by nameless not because i have no username, but because i had a lot.
  • @Nameless your post was really nice I liked it a lot

    I pretty much explained the origin of najimi in my intro post, but it's really a meaningless name aside from what I explained there, so I'll talk about my name "cake".

    when I was 12 or 13 I decided to get into gaia scripting and someone was doing a hack where you could send messages to all towns using their friend request feature. they were using names ahead of their messages like usernames so that we knew who was talking. I eventually figured out how to do it but I needed a fake name. I thought of food names, but I knew stuff like "pizza" and "chicken" were lame so I chose "cake" out of thin air and stuck with it. I actually hated cake, the food, at the time. I still dislike it but I like different types of cakes like cheesecake and stuff like that. I used to tell people I was an ice cream swirl cake when they asked because I only liked ice cream cake and chocolate and vanilla sounded nice.

    I learned about portal because of my name which I have to say was a good experience. I went out and rented orange box and beat it in a night. I hadn't played any games like that before that so it was really fun and I finally understood all the references people kept making to my name

    ten years later and I still love the name. it's basically my real name now. all the puns about my name over the years were also really amusing
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    The mystery revealed. Locking this thread.

    Small edit: not actually
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    A chinese amazon warrior that transforms into cat when coming in contact with cold water actually.
  • I love Ranma 1/2.
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