The Zaregoto series is a series of mystery novels written by Nisio Isin. It is a masterpiece.

FELLAS, IT'S FINALLY RELEVANT AGAIN. An anime has been confirmed after 11 years of the original series ending in Japan. This honestly feels like a miracle even more so than Kizumonogatari.

Post anything related to the nonsense series in this thread.


  • jun is a superstar

    im actually genuinely interested?? is this something i could read/watch without chickening out like the pansy i am?

    I think you'd be fine with watching it. It can be gory but I'm not sure to what extreme that'll go to in the anime. There's more heavy topics down the line, so I'll warn you if anything comes up.

    For now we just have an announcement that it's a thing so we still have to wait and find out when it's going to come out.
  • @Rajani Yeah, I think it can get a bit gory at points (the first book's title translates to "Beheading Cycle" sadly for a very good reason) but I kind of doubt it'll be too bad... Not sure! But hopefully not.

    I'm not sure about other themes right now since I only read through second book, but it does have some heavier themes, like najimi said. It is a murder/mystery series, so someone's always getting murdered!

    I can't WAIT for this series, though. It's SO GOOD and easily one of my top favorite series of...anything, really. I think I finished the first two books in about 3 days? I literally didn't put them down. The second book made me cry from feelings of "this is so amazing I am in love" haha. Damn, this series is great. I need to really get back to reading, I'm too busy nowadays so it's hard but it's SO GOOD AND GREAT.
  • Lots of news about the Zaregoto anime yesterday. First of all, the site is now up at:

    It's going to be eight OVAs, starting with the first one on October 26th! The rest will run each month into 2017.

    The release dates for the BDs are:
    1. 10/26/2016
    2. 11/30/2016
    3. 12/28/2016
    4. 01/25/2017
    5. 02/22/2017
    6. 03/29/2017
    7. 04/26/2017
    8. 05/24/2017

    Yuki Kaji will be voicing Ii-chan and Aoi Yuuki for Tomo.

    It's looking like all eight OVAs will be the first novel only.
  • Oh yeah, also Yuki Kajiura will be the composer for the OST (she also did Madoka's OST!)

    That's based on the song on the website at least.
  • that sweet photoshop pink shine on those knees ;) :) :)

    in all seriousness and what little left i got in my little bag of magic powder

    I don't like the way they drew the blue programmer chick
  • @PengypopX what about in the preview? I thought it was alright. the site art was meh

    speaking of which here's the PV:
  • @najimi yeah actually I had those initial thoughts when I saw the preview. Like on the light novel art, she has a very nice aesthetic. As a very special genius, she has a very unique look about her just from the one picture I see you posted. Cool overcoat. Big ears (woo!). Blowing wavy hair. That's some sexy cover art.

    In the anime she is just kind of like.
    Super healthy luscious hair (despite never showering I'd imagine seeing as she is always on the computer with a fervor unmatched) which I guess is just anime. But I mean, that's some pretty darn shiny hair! She doesn't have time to cut it... but washing and the upkeep (combing, product, etc)? I mean if she her head was shaved she would have a much easier time! Is she trying to appease Texas College Dude that much? Gotta have some deep backstory on why she grows her hair out to convince me on that one.

    In the light novel pic it's blue and it's long, but it's not so shiny. MuhShines.
    That being said the preview she usually is in very light intensive settings and grease can make one's hair shiny, but that's such a healthy glow!

    A face mixed between Hanekawa and Senjougahara, ends up just looking very ordinary. Also no nose. NotLikeThis.
    On the cover art it looks like a 3-Dimensional calculus function.

    I think it's the nose.
  • >monthly releases get delayed by a month

    fuck off
  • @Shampoo: it sucks for people who don't know what's going to happen plot wise too. also what a cliff hanger in the second ep.

    akane and ibuki's circle jerking is a lot more obvious in the anime
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    Seeing it I don't remember if it was mentioned later but why didn't they just assume the paint was thrown on the ground after the murder by the murderer?
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