Things you've bought that turned out to be good investments

The title says it all. Basically review anything you've bought that has lasted you long enough to be considered a good investment. Or just post any good products in general. Think about basic things you've had for years and mention them by name.

I was trimming my beard today and I realized my trimmer is something I've owned for four years now. I bought it on a whim because it was really cheap ($11 at the time) and I thought it'd only last about a year. Overall ended up being a great investment since most other trimmers can be from $20 to $100.

<img src=""; width="200px"></img>

Product name: Wahl Mustache and Beard Trimmer with Bonus Trimmer #5537-420
Amazon link:

I'm interested in what kind of items you guys might recommend for every day use.


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    One of my favorite pairs of pants comes from UNIQLO, they sell pretty plain clothes but they usually go well if you have colorful blouses or accessories.

    The pants look like regular pants, but they're technically leggings, but completely pass off as pants because of the faux button and sewn pockets. There are real pockets on the back, and they're super comfy. Pants usually wear out quickly for me because of friction between the legs but these haven't yet and it's been like 2 years.

    Also they're really affordable for their high quality. These pants are only $18 bucks on promotion.

    <img src="$pdp-medium$"; width="250px"></img>

    Product name: Women Legging Pants
    Here it is on their site
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    my favorite pair of pants got a whole in it
    edit: guess where
  • good investment attempt #2:
    Daiso knitting kneedles: I got them for 1.50 and they're really good what else can I ask for???
    This red pot i got at ralphs for 15 bucks, I used it for 6 mo so far and it's pretty good, it burned me a couple times but i only got stronger
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