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It's about time that I explain the reason behind our new name. It's been delayed because there were mix ups on who should write what, but I've decided to do it.

We needed a brand, so we made one. Zerozaki represents us as a community more than Zerozaku ever did because Zerozaku's name held no meaning to us. The name Zerozaki is a nod to a family made up of people who choose to assume a surname based on their shared interest(s). A family bound not by blood but by fascination; that's what most of us here are and that's what the staff strongly associates our community with. We want you to feel at home in all our nonsense.

Somehow, we ended up with an awesome name that was conveniently a letter away, so adoption costs nothing and we—the current staff—actually own the name. That means we can now legally move forward with ideas that might produce income for the community leaders and move to our own server when the time comes.

The domain will redirect to indefinitely, so update those bookmarks and don't forget to page your grandmother to let her know.
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