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Hello everyone!
I'm truffles, I do voice acting and I got into it around November 2013. The voice acting I'm talking about is in games, shows, podcasts, videos, as well as commercials and other (boring!) stuff...Sadly it's the commercials that rake in the dough, most of the time.
Thought this thread could help beginners or people seeking advice on voice acting. I'm not an authority on it, but I know a few tricks and stuff so you can ask me if you want some help starting or whatever.

Here are a couple resources if you want 'em, skip to the bottom for the game!!

(Some) Recording softwares
Audacity (free)
Adobe Audition
Voice acting forums
VAA (largest)
Beginner USB/XLR Mics
Samson C01

Info on microphones:
EQ & Compression
Voice acting resources that can (probably) help you more than I can
Wonderful podcast: http://www.voiceactingmastery.com/
Dynamic vs Condenser (microphones): http://thevoiceoverguide.com/tools-necessary-for-working-professional-online-voice-talent/microphones/
More info

Thought we could play a game where basically you voice (on whatever mic you have at home, be it your computer mic, your earphone mic) in the way that the person above you requests.
1. Freestyle and improvisation is encouraged.
2. If the person above you doesn't give you a line to voice, do the suggested line from the post ABOVE theirs.
3. If you want to give someone else a line, you can find it online, or from your favorite game or something. (That's legal.. right? Maybe source it?)

Here's me saying the line: "Miriam, you married a human? Oh right, you girls live a double life."[Disapproving, evil queen temperament]
http://puu.sh/g1HHe/ecf96c9d26.mp3 warning loud

The next poster: Please say the line "SMACPIG is a diamond in the rough. He isn't the most consistent artist but that's the reason why i love it, you never know whats coming next. Not all of his music sounds great but then you find something that sounds amazing. I sense a great deal of talent here. Favorite track: Because We Are Limitless, Baby.." [Excited, smooth/suave, preferably that jazzy, new orleans style]


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