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I recently got really into making my letterboxd. It's nice because it enables casual reviews and it has a cool diary system. Made me want to look for more good movies.

Any of you watch anything good recently?

I watched Birdman yesterday and I loved the directing. If you're thinking about watching something relatively new I'd recommend going for that.


  • Thank you! This is really great dude
    You've got a great list of movies so far, love your reviews

    I just don't think I'm enough of a movie buff to spend the time writing (even short) reviews for the movies I watch.

    Checking out a couple on your list right now haha
    But I really liked Starred Up. It's this movie with James O'Connel (Cook from Skins & the main char of that new movie Unbroken) about his experience as a violent juvenile with an anger problem who meets up with his estranged father in adult jail.

    Really good. The aesthetic just keeps things consistent and really focuses on the story and the relationship between the two.
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    @Isonyx: Yeah, I stopped trying to write serious reviews. I've been basically writing whatever comes to mind. It's a lot easier and kind of fun.

    James O'Connell was great as Cook and that description sounds like something he'd play well. I'm interested.
  • Three movies I need to see from beginning to end:

    Eraserhead - arthouse, surreal
    Memento - action, dark, crime
    Tetsuo - arthouse, horror, cyberpunk

    Three movies I recommend to all of you:

    Battle Royale - dystopian, thriller, drama
    Begotten - critique of Abrahamic religion, horror
    Little Miss Sunshine - comedy, drama, indie
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    I'll limit all my picks to what's on Netflix, as that's the most popular and convenient medium for most.
    Let the Right One In is a really good film (Swedish version, American version is pretty bad)

    It's Such a Beautiful Day had not only a really great soundtrack, but also was just a joy to watch. Only sixty minutes so if you're short on time is a pretty easy film to complete.

    If you haven't seen the original Ju-On or Ju-On 2 those were both pretty fun to watch if you're into foreign horrors. Would recommend with company.

    For a more recent movie, Frank surprised me with its unique charm and style. Really good movie.

    In Bruges is on Netflix now. Also good.

    I heard about Birdman
    Person said the entire movie was made to look like it was one shot including time skips.
    I'll watch it eventually lol.
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    Focus is upon horror, as I'd probably write a huge wall of text focusing on genres intertwining otherwise, aaaand no one wants that.

    Pontypool Changes Everything is a good one to take up when you're craving a not-so-zombie film with focus on the psychological instead of violence—not to say that there isn't any, as it has a unique take on both survivors and the infected, leaving much to imagination but in the best way possible. A virus only affecting speech infects the world. Hope you took a language course. If you're into films that encase highly probable situations in our own reality along high tension atmospheres, this is your best bet. There is also a radio play/audio drama! Horror, Psychological, Thriller, Drama.

    Attack the Block takes place on bonfire night in Brixton, London; focusing on a group of ragtag punks, and a few chavs, some of whom are looking for fun, money, or higher status upon the streets. They're soon caught up in saving said streets as beastly aliens land via meteorites. Edgar Wright nor Simon Pegg had nothing to do with this, but I often find myself equating it to the Blood and Ice-cream Trilogy, so if you've enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End, or all three but are looking for something a bit different, I highly suggest checking this out. Actually, I'd probably force you if I could, as a ton of friends of mine found themselves enjoying it after some persuasion. Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror, Action.

    Trollhunter Yeah, we're all tired of found footage films. Extremely tired. The Blair Witch Project was alike to a cold, refreshing drink after a long physical workout. Unfortunately, we're all now starting to feel the affects of water poisoning and have found ourselves throwing the same liquids at the wall. It's just not doing it for us anymore—sorry, it's not you, it's us. No, we mean it's actually you. You're killing us. To get to the point, you should give this movie a chance, as it is a found footage film that, yes, knows it's found-footage, but much less in a horror style, instead focusing as a documentary by a group of college students who at first just want credits so they can get out of their own credit-focused hell and into a new one entirely. Their documentary about a suspected bear-poacher becomes one about wrangling the supernatural into peace with the crew joining in, and soon gets personal with a 50-100 meter mountain troll (a Jötunn, called a Jötnar in-film; sadly, that is its plural.) rising. No, not everyone lives. You can laugh at the troll under the bridge scene before running for the lights and bathroom while watching it on Netflix. Comedy, Fantasy, Horror.

    The ABCs of Death & The ABCs of Death 2 are horror-short anthologies, a director was given one letter of the alphabet as a prompt, with them making a short based on a word it started with; one catch: the short had to have a death, and believe me each short is gruesome and horrific in its own right. In personal opinion, the first is much worse than the second. I had to watch the first one with a like-minded friend, the both of us being hardcore horror junkies; we agreed to never watch it again. I had to watch the second by myself, as she declined. It, unfortunately, wasn't that scary, nor horrific. I'm still disappointed. Comedy, Horror.

    This somehow emerged as a giant wall of text instead of a huge one. I'm disappointed in myself.

    This entire thing may or may not have been Cake's fault. Who would'a guessed.
  • @antiquestars: This is wonderful. I'm glad you wrote this. The ABCs of Death sounds spooky based on your description, and based on what I know about you. I'm so going to watch it and possibly torture myself.
  • Voltaire is in The ABCs of Death 2. Isn't that neato?
  • @Malkav wrote:
    Voltaire is in The ABCs of Death 2. Isn't that neato?

    Yep! I presumed they'd say "fuck it" and do Z, with a short based upon Voltaire's "Zombie Prostitute". That may or may not have been the reason why I was so disappointed. Although, any of his works would've done wonderfully—yes, even "Fuck New Jersey!"
  • @antiquestars: Pontypool sounded interesting before you even mentioned the part about speech. If it doesn't deliver, I'll never forgive you

    I'll take your rec on Trollhunter but given that I haven't even watched The Blair Witch project, I may fail to recognize its self-awareness in contrast to other footage films.

    I also take The ABCs of Death as a personal challenge, but I don't actually watch much horror. I'm a little terrified of the prospect.

    @PengypopX: I didn't realize Let the Right One In was on Netflix, awesome. I've wanted to watch it for a while.

    @Malkav: I've been meaning to watch Battle Royale, and I'm sold on Begotten.

    I shouldn't have come to this thread.
  • @anshin: Huh, I thought you watched Pontypool with us a while back.
  • ABCs of Death has cheese levels of VHS, so it's not so daunting. Also watch the VHS trilogy.
  • If y'all haven't watched Gran Torino...
    do it now. -thumbs up-
  • @str_t

    men. (^:
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    Jobs: It's availabe on Netflix if you want to cry about how bad this movie is. I'm joking, it sucks, don't watch it.

    I've seen a few in the past month that I really liked.

    Lars and the Real Girl: Ryan Gosling being an awkward and broken guy. It's awesome and totally not like Drive even though Drive is awesome.

    Matchstick Men: It's a lot better than I expected it to be. It's got Nicolas Cage as a con artist with OCD.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Jack Nicholson's a rebel in a mental hospital. Not a masterpiece, but overall a fun movie. I say that first part because I saw a lot of praise in the reviews, but I didn't really love the ending.

    A Beautiful Mind: "John Nash struggles to make a worthwhile contribution to serve as his legacy to the world of mathematics". Biographical drama of John Nash (he actually died last week). If you already have no idea what this movie is about I recommend picking it up without any more details.

    And also this one that I watched a few years ago:
    Twisted Seduction: An indie movie about a man who kidnaps a woman and tries to make her fall in love with him.
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    Do you know One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest's context? The state of these facilities were terrible in that time period, with abuse and such. The movie was shot inside an actual psychiatric ward, some of the actors you see in there are actual patients. The movie was meant to shade a light on the state of how people were treated in these and was kinda successful doing so.

    Also watched Ex Machina which should be my kind of movie, and it mostly was, but I don't feel like having watched anything outstanding or new to me. It's as if I knew the movie before I watched it, even though I can't say the plot is just a simple rehash or predictable.

    Avengers Age of Ultron was kinda bad, didn't like it at all. I don't think it's a good movie for multiple reasons but in retrospect, barely any of these recent marvel movies are. Even my opinion on Guardians went down by a lot once I looked past the stylization, music and Chris Pratt (still the most refreshing movie of the bunch I guess)...
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    @Shampoo wrote:
    Do you know One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest's context? The state of these facilities were terrible in that time period, with abuse and such. The movie was shot inside an actual psychiatric ward, some of the actors you see in there are actual patients. The movie was meant to shade a light on the state of how people were treated in these and was kinda successful doing so.
    Whoa, I didn't, that makes it awesome. I still didn't love the ending even though I understood its purpose. I loved the overall tone of the movie though.
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    I just watched Cake. I expected to hate it because of its shitty trailer (don't even watch it), but it was actually wonderful. I loved Jennifer Aniston's acting; her character was perfectly broken. It's on Netflix for those of you who feel like watching it. I wouldn't have watched it otherwise.

    EDIT: HAhaha, I just read the reviews and they all hated her character. I totally see why, but I doubt it'd bother anyone here. She's an asshole, so are we. Don't want to say much more. Just go watch it if you're interested.
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    I knew you'd watch that. I probably won't, since I don't like Jennifer Aniston.

    I forgot that I watched Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199: Hoshimeguru Hakobune. The series (2199) is decent especially since there aren't really many decent space operas (be it anime or live-action), and this movie was also good.
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