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dreams are something that interest most of us since we all take part of them at one time or another, im particularly interested in interpretation and how they can relate to our own lives or teach lessons. good or bad, they can be fun to share and discuss, so thats what this thread is here for.

today i dreamt that i visited an elephant cafe, which might sound like a neat premise, but its actually not. they had wild elephants just walking through the building doing as they pleased. the people didnt seem happy about the elephants, the elephants didnt seem happy about the people. the people's tables got in the way of where the elephants were trying to walk (theyre not very flexible creatures and couldnt maneuver all of them). there was loads of elephant shit everywhere in the building where people were trying to eat. i decided i didnt like this environment so i hid in the bathroom stall, listening to the clamoring from inside until i woke up.

im fairly confident in what it represents. ive been back and forth from one bad, or at least difficult, living situation to another, and nothing is fitting together. how do i get out of an elephant cafe though? im currently trying to figure it out.


  • Dream turned animation short concept

    Malk: Some sort of east european town in the 1800s, the sky is orange and pink, slowly growing darker
    Malk: I keep imagining music in my had
    Malk: really warped stringy european folk sounds with dramatic church bells playing, and romantic era chord progressions
    Malk: There
    Malk: oops
    Malk: There's a sense of foreboding and dread, but at the same time, a sort of nostalgic security to it
    Malk: I dont have a plot yet, all I have is atmosphere
    Malk: But something involving necromancy, but it would be very minimal
    Malk: Low fantasy sort of thing to it. The village would be dealing with the undead for the first time ever
    Malk: It's great
    Malk: I would have these sorts of dreams and be plagued with visions of my old friend from middle school
    Malk: Except it wasn't him. It was a person, spirit, or manifestation using his image to invoke certain memories in me
    Malk: It was more aggressive. A trickster type thing
    Malk: It would also lead me to places like a very neo-gothic looking victorian styled house that was all umber colored, and to a bare skyscraper with no windows, and many ropes around it
    Malk: it would have the same golden dusk to it
  • I sometimes have lucid dreams where I fly with my bike over places, or go inside random houses around my neighborhood and actually interact with the strangers that live inside
  • I often smoke weed in my dreams and i feel a real high
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    fuck I remember one time I somehow shot up nitrous oxide, which is supposed to be a gas, but in the dream, was a liquid. It felt like I had shot up heroine or something, jesus. Like I was super happy, floaty, and without a care. I've never done drugs before, but I swear that after I woke up it was like I was suffering from withdrawal or something. I had this very intense desire to do some sort of drug. [edit: Najimi told me to clean my shit post up]
  • ummm, sounds more like you really need to clean up your ACT
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    @Malkav: That sounds awesome as an animation short. Especially the bit with the trickster thing.

    @Rajani: Heheh, elephants in the room. Jesus that's terrifying, but still sounds kind of hilarious.

    I had this one recently:
    I was inside of a hotel that seemed like it was straight out of Bioshock. The lights were dim and everything was mostly dark but I could still easily look around. I was there waiting for my aunt to finish a scene for an acting role. The scene involved some kind of special effects where she was confronting her clone. She could stretch out her arms like Mister Fantastic or Luffy. It was odd because it was happening in real time as if she could actually do that. That part isn't really important but it was one of those normal but strange dream things.

    So I'm sitting there with my sister and we decide to go elsewhere to kill time. We're now waiting in line for some space related event and there are people behind us with strange masks. One of them was wearing a celestial globe that had stars that lit up on a clean black surface. It looked awesome but the guy was an asshole and he tried to spook me. He challenged me and said that I wouldn't dare look under his mask or something dramatic like that. So I unmasked him and under his mask he had a skeleton mask. I think he thought this would be terrifying but it looked really dumb so I took that off expecting something worse. It was his face and he burst out crying. He sweared he was going to curse us somehow.

    Turns out my sister had kissed the guy and the guy had some kind of weird disease that spread with touch. I was infected because I touched his skin when unmasking him, but it was slow so I had time. My sister was infected faster because of the kiss. I knew this meant we had to get help immediately so I grabbed her and I ran for the elevator. The elevator had no lights whatsoever and was completely dark. Somehow this was the last straw for me, I realized how absurd it was that there was no light inside of the elevator and said "oh wait, this is a dream" aloud and woke up.

    Not a terribly interesting dream but I remember some other details being a result of what I had experienced the night before. I don't actually remember those details now though, but it's cool to note since that rarely happens to me. Also when I woke up and went to the bathroom one of the lights in the bathroom had gone out; which was perfect.
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    Latest interesting one: Some guy and I were being chased, Scooby Doo style, by this guy in an Aztec dance garb, who kept preaching that god in the bible was actually Quetzalcoatl. We were running through a hotel, and managed to hide from the guy in a room after turning an immediate corner. It didn't matter, though, the guy chasing us knew where we were. He was at the door, chanting and preaching, telling us he knew where everyone in the place was, then exposed two tenants of the room we were in, by saying he knew they were hiding in the closet. They stumbled out, and I noticed their throats were slit, but no blood was pouring from the wound as you'd expect. Then the guy I'm with pulls this heart out of a night stand, and says "I think this is yours." It was... Then I realized that MY throat was slit open as well. Every time I tried to swallow, blood would gush out from my throat. And I knew I had to put my own heart back into my chest before I bled out. I started doing that, then thought "fuck this," and woke up.

    I don't remember if I had posted this before in the chat, but here it is on the forums.
  • @Nameless: Love it. Sounds great and gruesome in a hilarious way.
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    Had one that was kind of creepy but wasn't really a nightmare for me.

    It transitioned from a previous dream where I'm in a cafe and someone is talking about how their future-self sent them an email. Apparently their future-self didn't realize they couldn't link to sites that were created in the future. Immediately after I left the cafe I found myself entering some house. I don't remember the reason for doing that, but I ended up staying.

    I went upstairs into the kitchen where I noticed there were two women. I asked them what was up because the kitchen lights were off and they were cooking. They told me to be quiet; it was in the fearing kind of way. Some guy suddenly came into the kitchen to drill them. He was clearly mentally ill from the way he talked and walked. He had a gun in his hand. He then noticed me and asked me something along the lines of "do you love? will you stay with me forever?" I told him I'd stay but I was set on leaving whenever possible. The women there had been there for ages because they were too scared that he'd kill them. Reasonably scared since this guy was constantly pointing the gun at us and sometimes himself.

    I don't remember what I was doing in the kitchen but I had some sort of goal to please the guy and get out. He kept coming into the kitchen and turning on the lights and then off again. I remember thinking that I had to get the lights on once again in order to find whatever it was that I needed. Whenever he came in he'd threaten me and was insecure about whether I loved him. At one point he pointed the gun at his head and asked me whether I wanted him to kill himself. I said I didn't. I remember thinking how stupid I was for saying that, but there was some authenticity to it and it had nothing to do with stockholm syndrome.

    Whenever he was out the kitchen he'd be lying down on a bed with his cat. He had two cats. I remember one was downstairs, but I don't remember how I got to see it. The other was always on the bed upstairs. He was obsessed with his cats even more than he was with us. He couldn't even threaten them because he loved them so much. They were fat fluffy cats that he'd make dance whenever he was bored. I think one of my plans was to distract him with them and successfully get out.

    After I came into his room to give him something I went back into the kitchen and noticed that he had a monitor of the people inside of his house. There was a count beside the types of people. Three were labeled as "known" (excluding himself), two were cats, and there was one unknown. I realized that someone else had just entered the house. They started yelling from downstairs and he angrily came into the kitchen and questioned our loyalty. I then realized it was an old friend of mine that was yelling from downstairs. He had somehow tracked me down and I didn't understand why at all. I thought about how stupid he was for doing that and then tried to use this to my advantage as a distraction.

    The mentally ill guy started waving his gun angrily as usual and I stopped him. I questioned him and asked whether his gun was even loaded. He looked at me as if I were crazy and asked how he should prove it. He asked whether he should shoot me. I moved the gun away and he then turned it on himself. I moved it once again and made him point it at somewhere safe. This was all concerning since he'd ALWAYS flicker the lights when he came in the kitchen but they'd end up off. So when he was doing this we were in the dark but could still see. The gun wasn't loaded with actual bullets but this encouraged him to go get actual bullets.

    I was on my way downstairs while he was distracted by that and the person yelling from downstairs. I woke up after that. I don't really relate the dream to anything except the cats. This is what I get for watching a bunch of cat videos that Rajani sends me. On that note, the person with their future-self was Rajani's sister and Rajani was present for that. There's a lot of background to that but I won't get into it and just basically say that it was a police chase.
  • I keep having dreams relating to lighting. In those dreams, I'll always be in some dark setting with dim or flickering lights. I had one last night where I was trying to keep a street light on with my mind. I had a "power" that wasn't working properly and I was trying to fix that by keeping the light on. I couldn't keep it on, but I was almost there.

    I relate this to my motivation since I've been working on it. It's actually the perfect metaphor.
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    I usually kill people on accident or deliberately in my dreams. It's really a huge stress reliever. Once, I went to the local mall, and inside of Abercrombie and Fitch, I beat someone to death with a clothes rack. After finding it enjoyable, apparently, I systematically went throughout the entire mall murdering everyone. Then mall cops came and I got kicked out. Not arrested or anything, just made to leave. I was bummed - felt an almost conscious sadness - because I realized my favorite jacket was still inside (it was winter) and I'd never see it again. All of a sudden, around the corner of the building, there's my jacket and for some reason a crowbar is in the pocket. There's this revving noise and I see a motorcyclist about to pass me, so I run to my jacket, retrieve the crowbar and clothesline him with it, then proceed beat the face of his helmet in until there's a pool of blood seeping up through the windscreen.

    I woke up feeling weightless and at peace, yet visceral.
  • @Theoka: This is the best thing I've read in a while. I was laughing earlier while I read this aloud on the phone. Truly fantastic.
  • @najimi I'm often terrified that this stuff is being narrated audibly while I sleep.

    Speaking of dreams though, anyone heard of Shadow? I'm pretty excited to try it out.
  • @Theoka: Don't worry, it'll become a reality soon enough. I hadn't heard of Shadow, but I had heard of something similar. This sounds better though. I think @trufflekeys would be interested in this.
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    What the hell??? That sounds amazing. I can't believe we can do that already. Damn right I'm interested in that.
    edit: oh I misunderstood, I thought this was where you could LITERALLY record dreams using an app.
  • @trufflekeys it was painful to see your excitement turn into disappointed realization.
  • @Theoka I died inside a little that day
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    @theoka im really looking forward to that app, thanks for sharing! i subscribed to their newsletter so i can get it when it comes out. i kept a dream journal when i was 14 or so but i lost it ages ago. dream journaling is appealing to me, but the alarm feature on this app is what i'm looking forward to from this.

    i already shared this snippet of a dream with several people here, but im sharing it again for anybody who missed it because it's the best dream i've had in awhile. they've otherwise been kind of plagued with things that strike fear in me so this stood out as absolutely hilarious. ANYWAYS, the dream was that i was chilling with friends at my house and @anshin wanted to reach up on the mantle to get something down (a photograph or something, idk) but he was TOO SHORT!!!! so he pulled a table over and stood on top of it and went to grab it again and for some reason i decided it was my job to knock him down. so i did, of course. i leapt at him and tackled him to the floor and laughed in his face. his expression was a a mixture of 'FUCK YOU RAJANI' and 'WHY'- it was great.

    also on a more personal note i wondered,
    does anyone else ever have like.. overwhelming daydreams? i am starting to get mine mixed up with day-to-day life (in the moment, not in the long run that im aware of) and it's kind of embarrassing. my thoughts will trail off and i'll feel like im experiencing something (usually conversing with friends, but sometimes also that i am moving around), then when i come to, im briefly confused until i realize it didn't actually happen.

    this happens to me while im around other people and it can make it hard to focus or keep up with people. the more i think about it the more i think that its just my derealisation, i dont even know why im asking. i guess i was just wondering if maybe it was something that other people could relate to. its usually pretty enjoyable for me to be honest, it only sucks because ive been duped, like i wish i could have actually shared those experiences with someone, but like any other thoughts they come and go easily.
  • @Rajani

    This reply isn't that personal, but the second paragraph doesn't include explanations that will satisfy people who aren't already familiar with the way I approach things emotionally.
    I don't have overwhelming daydreams, but, for several months in the fall, I was becoming increasingly withdrawn. It would take a lot to get my attention at all, and then I withdrew back into my head, just as deep, very quickly—maybe even immediately. It's not the same thing, obviously, but it has a similar effect when interacting with people.

    I actually kind of miss it because the thoughts during those periods were really stressful and had a very significant emotional impact on me. I want to turn the pressure back on. So I'm going to look into that today.
  • It seems I only get/remember dreams like these in the weirdest times.

    Before I went to bed, I was thinking a lot about animation. As I fell asleep, I started to think up more and more short animation ideas that I could accomplish in flash. Slowly losing consciousness, all I could remember before I fell asleep was the imagery of red gears spinning in front of a peach metallic background to this song as well as a forest-scape set around midnight. Fading into the dream world, ended up getting stuck in my head instead, a song about innocence, a direct homage to Charles Bukowski.

    At the beginning of my dream, it sort of set itself in three locations. The first location was a seaside cliff and meadow resembling the White Cliffs of Dover. The second location was a spaced out forest that spanned out around the third location, a sort of steampunk city filled with grime and stone. The first perspective I experienced in the dream was some kind of massive bird almost resembling a dragon, or maybe an omen. There were more of these birds, all slightly different. I want to say from three to five more birds. It got hazy, but they all were acting against something pertaining to the city, and as a result, they brought destruction to the surrounding area, but not in a way you would expect. It was more like a massive glowing shockwave that turned all living creatures into skeletons as they came in contact with the wave. All of the birds collapse and die (without becoming skeletons) in a bright white explosion. When I recalled the dream, this song came into my mind, as well as others from that groups discography.

    After that, the perspective changed to that of a small animal. Whatever it was, it seemed sad and scared upon seeing the corpses of the giant birds. Perhaps it was one of the birds reborn. For a long time, it wandered around the forest, the meadow, and the cliffs. I vividly remember it (or me?) sifting through yellow fields of grass/hay looking for something. Eventually it traveled to the old city, where it found a kind old man sitting in a stall, which he made his home. The animal saw him preparing bread, and in response, the man placed a slice of it on the ground. The animal looked up in confusion and bewilderment as the old man poured some spices and salt on the bread. He swished around a pan full of cooked and minced vegetables and poured some onto the bread. From there, I can't really remember much.

    I think that the birds from the beginning had wiped out all creatures without innocence. I don't know. This was a very terrifying and vivid dream to have.
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