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The Zerozaki rules exist for the sake of board quality. This means the rules are in place to address behaviour that interferes with quality rather than to define "bad" behaviour. It's each user's responsibility to consider the rules and the quality of the board when acting. This also means that you should take it upon yourself to contribute to the quality of the site rather than simply trying to avoid breaking the rules and that anything moderators feel is detrimental to board quality may be addressed regardless of whether it's in violation of one of the more clearly defined rules below.

Violations are handled by moderators, and bystanders are expected to avoid involving themselves with an issue other than to report it to a moderator. It is at the moderators' discretion how they choose to handle an issue, not any subordinates. If a moderator is not available as an issue is occurring, it is all bystanders' responsibility to block or ignore the rule-breaker or remove themselves from the situation until it has settled or a moderator becomes available.

Zerozaki's staff cannot be expected to resolve issues from outside the site, so someone who misbehaves outside of the site should be reported to an appropriate authority wherever they can handle the issue. The only exception to this is if their activities stem from this site (such as if they're scamming users on another platform and using Zerozaki to promote their scams). In such an instance, solid evidence, including proof of identities, needs to be prepared for the staff member handling the issue.

We want to keep this space comfortable for everyone, if you have a complaint we ask that you please message a suitable staff member. If you are upset or feel wronged by anything during your stay on Zerozaki, you are encouraged to take a break or leave the site altogether if that is what you feel would be best for yourself.

1. Zerozaki is not rated and certain mature content is allowed. However, you're expected to provide a warning when you are sharing anything inappropriate; add "NSFW" in the topic title or a clearly visible "NSFW" warning before the matured content. You're also expected to place NSFW images and videos under a spoiler.

NSFW content may include, but is not limited to the following things:
  • Images that contain any nudity or that imply genitalia is present (such as outlines under clothes).
  • Dubious images/text descriptions that are meaning to imply sexual acts, even if images are censored. "I'd do him/her" is fine, "I'd do this and that and that and this to him/her" is NSFW and needs to be tagged.
  • Videos/audio with explicit words in it (as a rule of thumb, anything that would need to be censored to be allowed on the radio or television should be marked as NSFW)

2. Pornography and descriptions of sexual acts, including as "cybering," and/or shock images including violence, gore, etc. are not allowed on the board. This also includes "screamers" and pop-up windows that may freeze/crash someones browser. If you wish to share these types of things, please take it to a private message with consenting users, or not on the site at all.

3. Spamming/advertising and flooding are not allowed.

Examples of spamming include:
  • Posts made with the sole purpose of promoting a product or service without bothering to explain why the product could be useful or enjoyable to the community and its members.
  • Making multiple posts to advertise the same product/service.
  • Posts made with no merit to the discussion at hand, such as short posts with no insight like "that's sweet" or "dang that sucks" (the exception to this is in a designated "off-topic" forum, if available.) Avoid this by expanding on your thoughts and providing sentiment or reasoning to what you have to say.
  • Typing complete incomprehensible gibberish, like so: "jkclsdcjsxz;dk210djioxwqjalc;3jwljklqkfjcs;34jew" or things like "hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi"

Examples of flooding include:
  • Posting a nonstop sentence or word without adding spaces, causing the line to break.
  • Posting an enormous image with the intention of stretching the page.
  • Posting individual words in sentences on new lines.

4. Do not harass or attempt to cause damage to users. This may include flaming, swearing at them, threatening, posting personal information, calling them names or putting them down. We the take safety of our users very seriously, never imply that you wish to harm a user or encourage them to harm themselves.

5. Scamming, hacking and/or threatening to exploit or "take down" Zerozaki or its members is not permitted.

6. Make no false allegations. This may include making up stories to get someone else in trouble.

7. Do not interfere with moderation. This includes disregarding or outwardly opposing a moderator, or further instigating any parties involved in situations where a moderator is trying to address an issue. If you feel any staff member is not doing their job correctly, please contact the site director about it, and absolutely do not make posts that badmouth the site or it's members.

8. Maintain respectful behaviour at all times. While mild debates are welcomed, rudeness and passive-aggressive displays are not.
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