Current Staff List

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Site director:



None for now~

Who to Contact
The site director's role is to lead the site's direction and deal with staff issues, but their focus is not concerning community moderation. This person is to blame if you think the site is terrible. It's all their fault.

Our developer's focus is obviously development, they deal with server issues. If there are bugs and other problems with the site, then you should really let them know they're awful and tell them how to do their job. They love that.

Administrators will serve as a liaison between the staff and the users. It's their responsibility to field user feedback, post certain kinds of announcements, manage categories, etc. If they get nervous and freeze up, just splash them with water and remind them where they are, they should be fine.

A moderators' job is to keep the board tidy and organized, as well as handling user reports, and going on coffee runs (because who wants to get their own coffee?). All other staff members are currently taking on this role for the time being, and we are not looking for moderators as we already have future plans in place.
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